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Patrick Steward
Writer / Director
Beth Renfro
Associate Producer
Dori Polly
Ezra Sacks
professor NYU
Flim Video Arts
Risa NeuWirth
Casting Director
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April 23 thru 30, 2009
Newport Beach Film Festival
screening schedule coming soon...
March 29 2009
FirstRun Film Festival
Cantor Film Center Theater 200, 36 East 8th Street, NYC
rsvp to events@the-hollow-tree.com for ticket info.
March 27 thru April 5 2009
Sarasota, FL
For more information call 941-364-9514
March 4 thru March 7 2009
Ogden, UT
February 26 thru March 1 2009
Los Angeles CA
Novermber 7 2008
4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91601
7:25pm - 9:20pm
The International Student Film Festival Hollywood is scheduled for a once a year presentation at the NOHO Arts District Section of North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
October 23 thru November 2
Visit the official site for location and travel information
Visit the site for schedule
The Chicago International Children's Film Festival (CICFF) is the largest festival of films for children in North America.
October 18 2008
30 Main Street, East Hampton.
United Artists Cinema 6. Visit the official site for more information. Tickets can be purchased online, or by phone at 1-866-329-6877
Saturday, October 4 2008
30 North Second Street, Reading, PA 19601
Theater 2. Will be followed with a Hollow Tree Panel Discussion.
Friday, July 25 2008
721 Broadway (NYU, Tisch Building) New York, NY
6:30pm and 8:30pm
Theater 006 (lower level) Please RSVP with your preferred location and time to: Beth.Renfro@the-hollow-tree.com
Wednesday, July 30 2008
The Historic Ambler Theater, 108 East Butler Avenue, Ambler PA
Doors open 6:30pm
For driving directions please visit: Ambler Theater website. Please RSVP with your preferred location and time to: Beth.Renfro@the-hollow-tree.com
October 26 2009
“The Hollow Tree” has been invited into the BYRON BAY FILM FEST in Australia. They have a number of awards up for grabs and warm appreciative audiences in one of Australia’s most famous and beautiful beachside locations. The judging panels include buyers from many of Australia’s top distributions companies as well as broadcasters.

October 5 2009
“The Hollow Tree” has been accepted in the Q4 KidsFirst Film festival. We’ve now been running with that festival for 6 months! We will be screening with them at: PARENT GUIDE/DUNEDIN FINE ART. Screening Starts: 11/15/2009.

September 28 2009
“The Hollow Tree” has been accepted into the Sydney Fantastic Planet Film Fest! This is our first screening in Australia!

September 14 2009
The 57th Columbus International Film & Video Festival and Competition has Awarded “The Hollow Tree” Honorable Mention! The festival and Award Ceremony will be held November 10-15.

March 15 2009
THT has been accepted into the Newport Beach Film Festival! California here we come...again!
February 8 2009
Here is the most recent festival listing for “The Hollow Tree” – check back frequently as a bunch more acceptances (we hope!) will be coming through in the next few months.

International Family Film Festival
Out in LA by the Paramount studios (Chaplin Theaters) on Feb 26 – Mar 1. I have sent out the 35mm print to this festival so it will be one of the better screening environments for the movie – go see it

Foursite Film Festival
This one is out in Utah from March 4-7 and here is the listing info link: http://foursite.bside.com/2009/films/thehollowtree_foursite2009 They run a lot of their stuff through B-Side, where you can vote and write reviews of the film – go vote and write a (good) review!

This is NYU’s film festival screening at the Cantor Film Centor. From March 25-30 – there is no schedule at this time and probably won’t be one until 2 weeks before. The projection will either be 35mm or BetaSP (yea I know BetaSP???). It is very possible the print will be down in...

Sarasota Film Festival
March 27 to April 5 - This is a pretty big one – similar to Hamptons with press, awards, scale and the number of films and people that come out to the fest…AND it’s on the beach where it is WARM – whooah! This one will probably get the 35mm print over NYU but we’re not sure yet on that. It is very possible this fest might do the new DLP technology and for anyone that saw the screening in Reading PA, that by far is the best experience of this movie... by far!
August 20 2008
The festival tour for "The Hollow Tree" is kicking off this fall.
So far we have been accepted into:

1. Student International Film Festival: Hollywood
2. Chicago International Children's Film Festival, which is one of the few Academy qualifying fests.
3. We're doing a special Screening at the Berks Movie Madness Film Fest
4. The Hamptons International Film Festival

Most of these fests are in October or Early November and we'll have more information posted here and in the CALENDAR as we get the program schedules from the fests.
July 17 2008
Well we've finally done it! The film "The Hollow Tree" is complete as we now enter into the festival world for next year. We already have some interest in the feature and in the book series so everything is full steam ahead. With that said... You are coordially invited to attend a film screening of "The Hollow Tree" We have two options:

1. Friday, July 25 2008 at New York University, 721 Broadway, New York, NY (Tisch Building). Screenings will be taking place in Theater 006 (lower level) at 6:30PM and 8:00PM.

2. Wednesday, July 30 2008 at the Historic Ambler Theater, 108 East Butler Avenue, Ambler PA. 215-345-7855. Doors open at 6:30PM and there will be two screenings at 7 and 8PM. For driving directions please visit: Ambler Theater website

Feel free to attend one - or both! - as your schedule permits. Light refreshments will be served. You are aloud to bring a guest or two or three - just let us know the names so we can put them on the list.

Please RSVP with your preferred location and time to: Beth.Renfro@the-hollow-tree.com

Thanks again guys for all your help, support and patience!
July 10 2008
DVDs are coming DVDs are coming. To everyone that worked on the production I am pleased to report that we have DVDs for you and if you cannot attend one of the parties please send us your address so we can mail one to you! Email Beth Renfro at: Beth.Renfro@the-hollow-tree.com

Each additional DVD will cost $10.00. We’ve also been talking about making Blu-Ray DVDs. If anyone is interested let me know. Those DVDs would cost around $30.00.
October 10 2009
Director's Journal | NEW ORLEANS RECAP
If you haven’t seen the video of the trip to New Orleans have a look as that pretty much encapsulates my first experience in the Big Easy. I could honestly say the New Orleans, at least the part of the French quarter that I was in, was wonderful and seems relatively untouched from Hurricane Katrina. The people were also wonderful, there is something to be said for that southern genteel side of the south. In three days I managed to break into a cemetery, take a ghost tour, visit the voodoo museum, ride the street cars, see the garden district, look at the Mississippi, eat at Café Du Monde (4 times), and gain 6lbs by eating nothing by gumbo, jambalaya, po-boys, beans and rice, and pecan pie. Oh yes and the film festival! The festival itself was not advertised to the locals very well. That is not to say that it was poorly organized. The goodie bag was well-stocked, the people were friendly and everything ran on-time. Not much more can be said of film festival. Overall the New Orleans Film Fest was a great experience and I would recommend to anyone to go down there and see the city!
October 2 2009
Director's Journal | Editing a Novel
Dear God, I thought the harder part was writing the book. Not so, the damn editing process! This is when things get complicated. When me and my co-writer, Jeremy, sit in a room and stare vacantly at each other trying to find a way out of the trouble we’ve gotten poor Lizzy and David in…oh and Henry too! However, we do have 3 solid chapters that are ready for the world to see…perhaps a posting here sometime in the NEAR future?
February 8 2009
Director's Journal | Quick Update
I hope everyone is having a productive and enjoyable New Year! Just wanted to give a quick update on all things Hollow Tree as news builds up. Recently we’ve been accepted into a few film festivals. Schedules for the festivals are coming on line this week and there will be more info up here and on the respective fest websites.

In other news writing, working and some preliminary budgeting of the first feature in the “Hollow Tree” franchise has been on-going. We have some initial interest from a few companies, financier, and production, to help get the funds and make the feature. We’re getting there!

Of course writing for the feature is on going. I had a little bit of a computer meltdown where the newest version of the script was lost – but never fear! – I got it back and in the process trimmed quite a bit. It’s getting there too ☺
September 4 2008
Director's Journal | Upcoming Film Festivals
As the summer comes to a close, the start of the festival season for The Hollow Tree begins this fall! I am happy to announce that as of now the film has been accepted into:

1. The Berks Movie Madness Film Festival
We're doing a special screening for the children of Reading, who may not have the money or ability to see a movie. We'll also be doing a panel discussion with the kids afterwards.

2. The Hamptons International Film Festival
Should be a fun weekend in the Hamptons. For those in NYC area it’s a relatively easy trip via rail.

3. The Chicago International Children's Film Festival
This one is the only Academy Qualifying festival specifically designed for kid's films so it will be interesting to see how we do there.

4. The International Student Film Festival: Hollywood
This one should be a fun one too – a weekend out in LA.

These fests basically take us through November. Check the calendar of events section here on the site for schedules and info.

So we have festivals that span the country for those of you on the west cost that couldn't see the film, now is your chance on the big screen. For those of you that are in the Midwest, Chicago isn't that bad a drive... is it?

We're going to try and get the film print to each of these fests but there is some overlap so I can't make any promises – we are trying to raise the funds to get another print made to help ease the strain on our only print.

This is just the start of our festival season and as we get into more I will let you all know. Thanks again for all your help and support!
August 2 2008
Director's Journal | PA Screening
First off I wanted to thank all of you that were able to attend our screenings in New York City and Ambler, PA. We had two very successful evenings – over 200 people at the Ambler screening - I hope you enjoyed the final product. It was a long and sometimes bumpy road to get to this point but that is the wonderful world of independent filmmaking! I want to take a moment to thank Ross at the Ambler theater, Jeremiah at NYU, Beth Renfro for all her help, Viddler for their sponsorship, and Dori Polly and Family for organizing the evenings. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

For those of you who couldn’t make it out those nights we will keep you posted as we here from local film festivals. As of this moment I know we will be doing a special screening at the Berks Movie Madness Film Festival October 2-5 in downtown Reading. If you can watch “The Hollow Tree” on film we the filmmakers HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Also we have DVDs for those of you who worked on the film or contributed. If you weren’t at a screening or missed getting one, just shoot an email to: dvd@the-hollow-tree.com with your mailing address and we’ll ship one out to you. For those who would like additional copies of the movie it is $10.00 a DVD. Simply send us a note with the number of DVDs you would like with the along with cash or check (made out to: Cyprus Productions, LLC) to the following address: Cyprus Productions, LLC, 125, Adams Road, Breinigsville, PA. 18031
July 27 2008
Director's Journal | NYC Screening
Thanks everyone who came out to the NYC screening last Friday, we had a smashing success! Thanks to All the folks at NYU, especially Jeremiah Newton who helped get us the facilities and screening room - and a special thanks to Dori Polly and her gang for organizing and articulating the evening with such class and style. We hope to do the same in Ambler, PA this Wednesday evening with the first screening starting at 7pm - so arrive early for a good seat!
Little Timmy has received some terrible news! His house is no longer his home. He, along with his mother and father are moving. This is absolutely unacceptable for a ten year old - how could his parents be so foolish and self-centered? Timmy decides to run away and he ends up running into an entirely different world. He finds Wolfincrass Literaries - owned by non other than the wizened, scruffy, slightly eccentric Wolfincrass himself.
There are many themes touched on in The Hollow Tree: love, hate, trust, and growing up among others. However, there are two major themes or thematic throughlines in the conflict dealing with Timothy and story of Lizzy and David The first deals with reading. Wolfincrass puts forth the notion to Timmy that every book, every story, every novel, or piece of literature ever written or told in the whole world, each story was really, truly only meant for one person, and one person alone. So it is our challenge, our mission, our quest, to find the book that rightfully 'fits'. Therefore, there is a subtle yet powerful message that we all must read and continue to read to find that story that truly "fits."

The second theme deals with family and home, and the idea of what a home is. The Hollow Tree follows David and Lizzy, an orphaned brother and sister who are on a quest to find their home, or the house where they were born. They, along with Timmy (as this is the story told to him by Wolfincrass) learn that Home is not a place, a building or house, it is being with those we love.
A deal is struck. Timmy is allowed to hide from his mother in the bookshop, and in return, Wolfincrass tells him a story. The only story meant for Timothy; for only one book, one story, Wolfincrass goes on to explain, is truly meant for one person. The story is "The Hollow Tree," and Timothy falls completely into another world. A world of magic, of mystery, of good and evil, love and hate, strange and eccentric characters, wolves, a hag, and a magical tree that saves the lives of a brother and sister at their deepest most desperate moment of need.
Timothy Wolfincrass David Lizzy Madam Stagmire Henry Godrin Doryan LuLu Donny Olin-Ra Gweollen Gilbor Bromadin
Timothy A boy of ten with brown hair and green eyes and perhaps a slightly short stature for his age, Timothy has just been told that his house is no longer his home. He will be moving away with his parents in the morning. To a ten year old this is huge; a life-altering event that rocks the very foundations of a child's world. Timothy has gotten along all right with his parents, his mother in particular - well, as all right as one would expect a ten year old to get. Parents can be so meddlesome and bothering when a young man turns ten. It is simply amazing the changes parents go through. And this is what caused the schism with Timmy and his parents, and leads him to run away from home and find himself in front of a particular store in a particular ally that is always foggy. The sign above to storefront window reads: Wolfincrass Literaries Est. 1...
Wolfincrass Not very much is known about the mysterious Wolfincrass, only that he should be dead. The bookshop, Wolfincrass Literaries, has been on this street in this ally for as long as anyone can remember. Nobody goes in and nobody comes out and nothing is seen in the fog of that surrounds the strange dilapidated store. Wolfincrass himself was known to be eccentric to say the least. His flyaway white hair, his pointy wrinkly face and spindly hands made him look like a 19th century clad spider. And the fire in his bright blue eyes was powerful and mesmerizing they say. He could tell a story and one would stand transfixed for hours on end, lost in the world he created. It is said that Wolfincrass had a sister and they ran the old bookshop together. Though the books they sold were more varied and strange than any bookstore ever known. It was when the sister mysteriously died that Wolfincrass himself went insane ¨ well more insane that conventionally thought ¨ and died. The bodies were found in the bookshop mangled and strewn about the place, as if ripped apart. Stranger still, before a full investigation was set up, the bodies vanished and nothing was heard or seen concerning the name Wolfincrass ever again.
David David is eleven years old, right at that awkward age when a boy wants to be treated like a man. Furthermore, he is not an adult, nor he does not want to be treated like a child. He has jet-black hair and has put on a growth spurt in the last six months giving him the stretched slightly sickly look that is common with boys his age. David was continually beaten by Madam Stagmire at Thornwall, which gave him the peckish sort of authority-hating edge he now carries with him and should be mindful of. He is headstrong and does not think things through before acting. Ever since the incident with Elizabeth where he saved her from drowning in the Bryer Creek, David has had a deep sense of protecting his older sister. This has been the cause of quite a bit of friction between he and Lizzy as she has discovered boys and David has put a stop to quite a few budding relationships. David's side of the bedroom is covered with punch marks, as if someone had put himself to sleep by beating as much of himself into the walls every night. The window is broken and there are no pictures on the walls. On the desk there is a ripped photo of David's mother in a broken metal frame; she has a sad smile on her face. This is the only visual memory he now has of his mother. He cannot remember his father at all. For he was very young indeed on that terrible night when he and Lizzy were taken from their home.
Lizzy Elizabeth, known to her brother as Lizzy is thirteen and mature beyond her years. She has crimson red hair and thin round spectacles for her eyesight is atrocious owing to the fact that she began reading ferociously at age three. She has read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica (the 1943 version) seventeen times. She is not headstrong but being rather brainy has the uncommon ability to make people feel stupid and has gotten into trouble her fair share of times. Lizzy has a deep rooted fear of owls, which goes back to the time when she was five she and had climbed up a tree right into an owls nest - who's inhabitants proceeded to attack her and give her a nasty gash on the back of the hand producing a rather spectacular scar in the shape of a map. Just last year she almost drowned, if it were not for her younger brother David. This has been the cause in the tightening of a bond between the two over the past months (a considerable change from the norm of a generally tumultuous relationship), which has been greatly needed as the times at the Thornwall Orphanage have become much more difficult. Lizzy has a few precious worldly things to her name ¨ aside from the encyclopedia there is a small philodendron in the corner that covers a nasty hole in the wall. Secretly she was hoping the vine would magically grow, like Jack's beanstalk, and carry her and her brother away from this terrible place with Madam Stagmire and her horrible cats.
Madam Stagmire Old, bony, severe, hooked-nosed and evil; Madam Stagmire, the proprietor and warden of The Thornwall Orphanage for Uncommonly Regrettable Children, is the most cruel and calculating old hag this side of Little Everton. With her hair tied unnaturally tight behind her head, her coal-colored tweed uniform and black buckle shoes; Stagmire is an imposing sight to any orphan or child for that matter. Her reasons for operating an orphanage at Thornwall, a decrepit Victorian mansion, are simple: the riches to be had. Oh yes! You thought it impossible to make a profit at an orphanage? Well, Madam Stagmire does not simply make a profit, she makes a killing! Thornwall is guarded by 12 sentinels; vicious creatures that can sniff out lying, fear, and wrong-doing. They are Stagmire's very own cats, and they are as ugly as they are horrible. For some time now Madam Stagmire has been plotting to split Lizzy and David up, for their sibling bond is too good to have in a miserable place such as Thornwall.
Henry As beagles tend to be, Henry the dog is adorable but has seen better days. That is not to say he is decrepit or that his previous days were enjoyable. He was a stray and had befriended David three years ago, while foraging for food during the cold winter months around Thornwall. He was thin and sick before David secretly took him in, for Madam Stagmire would never tolerate such a thing and David would be sure to be beaten within an inch of his life or forced to clean the latrines with his tongue. David decided to call the dog Henry, after a dear friend of his who died of pneumonia that previous winter. Elizabeth was not so keen on the idea of secretly housing a dog but she realized it keeps David both busy and happy, and lets not forget that beagles are very cute and lovable. Lizzy had also found a secret use for the dog as the years passed...
October 28 2009
The Hollow Tree Website updated and Working!
October 10 2009
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